Appointment management is a hectic task. It has to be handled with extreme care and sincerity. We all know that, say, a reputable hospital has to deal with many patients, and doctors can’t examine all of their patients in one day. So, what to do? That’s where the appointment management task comes into play.

The MEDTELE system manages arrivals of patients, and it places unchecked ones on a pending status so that doctors can examine them in their turn. Appointment management reduces workloads, and doctors can more efficiently examine patients.

Patients get to know their appointment dates, and they relax. They will visit the hospital on an appointed day instead of visiting again and again. They don’t have to experience fuss and will not have to wait for lengthy amounts of time to meet the doctor.

MEDTELE also sends reminder e-mails and SMS messages to patients regarding their booking details so that they do not forget their appointments. In addition, MEDTELE provides information regarding canceled, pending, or delayed appointments through its SMS management system.

All Appointments
Appointments include appointments that have to be managed on the same day. This includes all appointments the doctor has to attend on the same day. In this way, doctors can easily examine a limited number of patients without having to hustle.

Upcoming Appointments
This list comprises patients who have to be checked on their designated days. MEDTELE provides a list of upcoming patients for doctors so that the doctors can manage their schedules accordingly. Both doctors and patients are sent reminders regarding the appointments so that no one forgets that they have appointments booked.

Previous Appointments
MEDTELE saves the activities that take place during the day, including appointments. That’s how the system keeps records of a patient’s checkup history for a definite period. The information can be provided for patients or doctors upon request.

Appointment Calendar
MEDTELE provides a calendar that can check the performance of the system and its overall improvement. The calendar records and arranges upcoming events according to given timetables and schedules.