Blood management is one of the most crucial aspects in saving human lives. Blood transfusion is of course common nowadays, and it is a reasonable approach in the recovery of patients with deficient blood levels.

The best hospital is the one that has an efficient blood management system, which means it can provide the blood of any group anytime—especially in case of an emergency.
MEDTELE provides efficient provision of blood for patients with its rapid response time. Our module manages all of the details regarding blood transfusions, donors, recipients, and a few other things.

A hospital has to efficiently provide all possible aids related to patient safety. But managing all of the necessary tasks manually becomes difficult and requires a lot more effort. That’s where MEDTELE’s software system comes into play to make it possible to handle things much more comfortably and accurately than in the past.

  • Blood Transfusion Management

The blood transfusion department provides the necessary details regarding blood transfusions and keeps a record of every activity. If a person donates blood, the department will save that donor’s information. Similarly, information about the recipient is saved for safety purposes. Blood transfusion management systems take all necessary measures for ease of the patient.

  • Blood Collection

A proper record of blood types is kept so that one can quickly find the right type of blood for transfusion without wasting any time when the need arises. Hence, a proper record is kept for all kinds of blood that are present in the blood bank. The dates of donations are also recorded, as are blood issuance dates.

This management system is a lifesaving one.