MEDTELE provides an efficient doctor management system that includes all information regarding the doctors working in a hospital. The system records each doctor’s education record, credentials, specialties, experience, and much more.
The system makes it easy for patients to contact the doctor of their choice according to your requirements, such as chest specialist, eye specialist, or lung specialist. A doctor’s data is recorded for period of service, which can be accessed when needed.
Some of the functionalities of the doctor management system are as follows.

  • List of Doctors

The system provides thorough information about doctors, such as name, specialty, and availability. Using the system, a patient can quickly get information about a doctor before booking an appointment with that doctor.

  • Editing

The editing feature lets you change any information regarding anyone’s identity, work, experience, or credentials—or any other kinds of information.

  • Appointments

This feature enables a patient to book an appointment with a doctor. In this section, all information regarding schedules is provided so as to enable a patient to book the most suitable time based on needs.

You can get the following information in this section.

The doctor’s working schedule, including holidays and other time off. Availability is provided in this management system. Hence, patients can easily access a doctor’s information and edit it as per the doctor’s availability.

The management can also add new details about the doctors if something was missing in the first output.

  • Treatment History

The treatment history feature displays a history of patients who have been treated by the doctor. It clearly shows the type of disease or condition the patient was experiencing and the treatment procedure that was implemented.

In addition, a complete list of patients’ arrivals can be viewed from date to date. The entire record starting from day one until most recently can be easily viewed.