Almost all of the operational procedures of an organization depend on the financial activities of the organization. Hence, an excellent working organization makes sure its financial activities are appropriately managed. Managing financial activities includes saving all data from the past to date.

MEDTELE offers a complete financial management system for patients once they check in. All expenses a patient incurs get efficiently recorded and saved for the past and the present.

This financial management system connects to the organization’s revenue. Hence, a patient’s eligibility to qualify for insurance can be estimated depending on financial status. The patient’s financial situation can be judged during the patient’s stay in the hospital, and payment activities are managed accordingly.

All of a patient’s financial activities are managed by this module. Patients can also manage their accounts by paying the bills and expenses themselves.

Here are some of the categories of the financial activities management system.

In this segment, patient expenses are calculated and recorded. All payments, invoices, and other costs are managed with a view to assisting patients both financially and mentally. Patients can add payments and manage their accounts themselves as well as all of the financial activities independently—without having to rely on anyone else.

Payment Procedures
The payment procedures are straightforward for patients. All payments can be made according to a patient’s condition and treatment types, which the patient of course knows well.

In this segment, a complete list of details is provided for the ease of patients. The list displays all of the expenses for all types of treatments and medications. And patients can easily see the costs in the list provided and add new expenses themselves.