Diagnosis is one of the most essential and crucial parts of a treatment process because the treatment process is dependent entirely on the diagnosis. If a diagnosis goes wrong, all issues will be in disarray. But where is the diagnosis carried out? Yes, in the laboratory. All recommended tests are performed in the laboratory, making it a most crucial part of a hospital.

In one part of the diagnosis process, blood samples are taken to the laboratory, and reports are prepared from them. The sooner that reports are readied, the sooner treatment can start.

The doctor examines lab reports on the patient and suggests the right medications to treat the patient’s disease. That’s where MEDTELE plays its role. It provides a primary facility for carrying out laboratory tasks in an efficient manner. This segment focuses on managing the titles of reports according to a patient’s samples. The type of test is also mentioned so that the doctor can quickly examine the reports by using this software—without requiring a hard copy.

Here are some of the modules of laboratory management.

  • Lab Patient List

This segment provides all of the essential details of a patient’s sample that reach the laboratory for testing. The samples are managed professionally by being labeled with patient name, the time and date the samples were taken, and the identification of the sample. A proper list is prepared for the incoming samples on which the names of patients are written.

  • Adding a New Lab Report

In this module, a new lab report can be added, mentioning the patient’s name, the nature of the test, the deposited amount, and the like. This makes it easy for laboratory personnel to manage the lab samples with high levels of efficiency.

  • Test Category

You can add a new test category in this module by merely mentioning the name, a description, and reference values.

  • Adding Templates

The MEDTELE management system is already extremely efficient, but its efficiency can be enhanced by a variety of operating and managing systems. A collection of premade templates can be added to the software, which will increase the variety and improve the beauty of the management system.