Every medicine a hospital needs must be arranged for. This can be done by preparing a proper record of the medicines used in the hospital. MEDTELE provides an efficient management system that stores all of the information about medicines used in the hospital. The system records their expiry dates, sales prices, categories, storage and run-outs, quantities, shortages, generic names, company names, titles, side effects, and other helpful information about the medicine. MEDTELE plays a crucial role in providing innovative ideas for every aspect that can turn out to be beneficial for a hospital—and for humanity.
Details of the management system are given here.

  • Medicine Expiry and Storage

MEDTELE keeps a record of the expiry and manufacturing dates of a medicine. We all know that medications have to be used before expiry; otherwise, it can pose serious consumer problems. That’s why it is important to keep records of medications’ expiry dates for the necessary and proper functioning of the health-care system. The system also maintains a record of all medicines present in the stock and keeps an eye on shortages so that essential medicines can be restocked before they run out and affect treatments. All of these functions are performed professionally by MEDTELE.

  • Medicine and Company Names

Medicine names and company names are also saved. This makes it easy to check the performance of a specific medicine from a specific company. This also reduces the impact of losses from the purchase of ineffective medicines and provides many other financial benefits.

  • Informative Attributes and Side Effects

All of the information about a medicine, such as its treatment effectiveness and side effects, gets recorded. That’s how hospital management gets complete details of the efficacy of a medicine.