Patient management requires utmost care and sincerity. A good hospital is one that has a proper plan for managing patients and that deals with them professionally. MEDTELE provides an efficient patient management system for patients who visit the hospital or are admitted there.

A hospital’s primary objective should be to provide patients with all of the facilities needed for their recovery. Patient management includes storing all of the details about patients and recording their treatment procedures. It forms the hospital’s backbone and focuses on managing a patient’s arrival, registration, treatment, payments, discharge, and other such activities.

Some of the responsibilities of MEDTELE in the patient management system are as follows.

Outpatient Management
There are different categories of patients who visit a hospital. Some patients come for regular health checkups, and their management is carried out separately from patients admitted to the hospital. All outpatient issues for a short interval—such as regular checkups, payments, and treatment—are managed through software. Such patients visit the outpatient department of a hospital and leave after their routine checkups. Their information is stored and managed through an outpatient management system.

Inpatient Management
Some patients get admitted to the hospital because they are experiencing serious illness and need proper attention and care regularly. The management of such patients is carried out separately. For instance, their arrival dates and treatment procedures are recorded separately.

Payment Management
A complete history of bills is calculated for the ease of both patients and the hospital’s administration. The payment management module includes all treatment expenditures, including lab tests, X-rays, and medications. In short, the patient is provided with a complete list of incurred expenses during a stay in the hospital.

Document Management
Keeping proper records of a patient’s history makes it possible for the doctor to easily analyze reports when needed. The documents are managed and saved professionally and include lab reports, X-rays, and CAT scans.