A prescription may be required when a patient is diagnosed with a disease. At this stage, the medicine should be known for use in early treatment. At this time, a prescription written by a doctor may be able to solve the patient’s medical problem.

Carry your prescription medicine with you to all appointments for checkups. Also keep with you a record of previous medications so as to make the treatment process more manageable and thereby help the doctor identify which medicine has proved effective in easing the situation for you.

MEDTELE provides an efficient management system for saving the records of patients’ prescriptions. The objective is to keep a running, up-to-date record of all of the prescriptions written by doctors so that the record can be easily accessed when needed for future checkups.

Prescription management makes the process of tracking patients’ histories much more accessible—and makes it possible for the doctor to suggest medicine based on previous prescriptions.

Early diagnoses and treatments are lifesaving. That’s why MEDTELE places significant importance on this module. MEDTELE maintains a record of all of a patient’s prescriptions so that the patient can help in future treatments. Patients are examined according to their past and the level of recovery they have achieved.

In addition, this module focuses on saving patients’ data so as to easily access patients’ medication histories.