A hospital has various departments where different activities are performed. Different activities are performed in different sections so that they can be handled with utmost care, expertise, and attention. A similar section is the one in which reports of all kinds are managed.

MEDTELE provides efficient services in the area of report management systems. MEDTELE focuses on keeping records of all of a patient’s reports. Reports portray everything about a patient’s health and treatment procedures. In addition, some reports can predict hospital performance. Not all reports of the same type get saved; instead, each report with a separate identity is saved.

Let’s discuss some different types of reports.

  • Financial Report

This module provides comprehensive information regarding all financial activities by generating a report that mentions the economic scenario. A hospital’s entire financial status regarding all departments can be viewed in this report. The report provides a clear idea about expenses and spending on all developments. The report also highlights the financial statuses of admitted patients and net profits.

  • User Activity Report

A person’s activity in using the MEDTELE management system can be easily viewed, and a report is generated accordingly. The user activity report shows how a person uses the software to manage issues and how much it helped the person resolve problems.

  • Birth Report

A professional report of newborn babies is prepared to manage a balance of operations and the number of babies present in the hospital under hospital care. An accurate record is saved for future use. Birth reports make it easier for management to protect newborn babies’ data, including a baby’s name, date of birth, and parents’ names.

  • Operation Report

This module includes the generation of a report of all of the operations carried out in the operation theater. These reports get generated and recorded in a sophisticated manner. The objective is to keep records of all patients under treatment and their surgeries. Names of patients and their doctors are also saved in the report. This data also counts the number of surgeries performed in a day or a month.

  • Expire Report

This feature includes reports of deceased patients by displaying times, dates, and other incidents with regard to deceased patients so that all such information gets stored. Anyone can view the report even after a longtime interval because the data gets saved efficiently.

  • Doctor Commission Report

The doctor commission report displays the financial profits of doctors and their commissions for each patient. This report helps the hospital manage a doctor’s financial account from hospital finances regarding the doctor’s commissions.