Time management is one of the most crucial factors to consider when it comes to running organizations successfully. MEDTELE provides an efficient schedule management system for every task that gets carried out in a hospital.

There are many operational procedures that a hospital has to go through daily. The procedures require fixed intervals for their proceedings. MEDTELE plays a vital role in managing these schedules by preparing timetables for treatments, surgeries, appointments, and the like.

Proper scheduling helps efficiently manage things and makes it possible to complete the tasks promptly. That’s how all appointments, treatments, surgeries, and so on get carried out: according to proper schedules.

Schedules that need to be managed in a hospital include doctors’ routines, patients’ checkups, treatment schedules, working hours, holidays, and shift changing. When everyone works according to the proper plan, coordination becomes much more manageable, and tasks get finished on time.

A timetable schedule in the form of a proper setup follows.

  • Managing the Schedules

Schedule management includes managing preexisting schedules for the procedures that have to take place in upcoming days. The schedule makes it possible for doctors to manage their activities accordingly. Doctors’ holiday schedules are also included, which make things easier for the staff to handle.

It also mentions staff’s daily timings, breaks, working hours, and rest times. Their off-time record is also mentioned, which helps keep doctors punctual and dedicated to their work.

Furthermore, an additional segment provides information regarding doctors’ who are away, so that alternative doctors can take charge in times of need. MEDTELE is playing a lead role in providing such an efficient and modern management system.