MEDTELE provides information for patients about their routine checkups by taking advantage of the SMS system. The best MEDTELE feature is that it uses a text message system and an e-mail system so that if patients do not have access to an internet connection, they can still easily access their reports through an SMS system. This unique feature makes it easy for patients to manage their routine checkups, to book appointments, and to discuss their issues with their doctors.

Everything is managed accurately and extremely professionally. The information is sorted out correctly, making sure everything stays organized. For example, MEDTELE sends an SMS to a patient as a reminder of an appointment or a meeting that the patient has already booked with the doctor. This innovative technology keeps patients punctual and helps them manage other daily activities so that they can meet the doctor on time.

The SMS alert keeps patients from missing doctor’s appointments; otherwise, they may end up losing a lot of their precious time. Patients get alerts related to regular checkups, appointments, and even emergency issues. The SMS alert makes them consistent and encourages them to regularly meet the doctor for healthcare checkups. MEDTELE proves to be a lifesaving step.

Patients should know the importance of managing their schedules, and this SMS system acts as the best reminder for them. It makes things easier for them and helps them manage their daily schedule.

Apart from schedules, reports, and appointments, MEDTELE sends regular health tips to patients, helping them stay fit, active, and smart. Patients also receive an SMS that provides information regarding cancellations or confirmations of appointments. The system focuses on sending messages to patients regarding their dues as well.